“Had an AMAZING intuitive reading with Jessica last week. She did a beautiful job of carefully listening in order to provide thoughtful insight & guidance. The emailed recap with additional resources was the cherry on top, as Jessica provides a lot of valuable information that could otherwise slip through the cracks with such a profound experience to process. I’d highly recommend reaching out to book a session!”– Samantha Erickson, Rochester, MN

After the height of the Pandemic, I went to Jessica exhausted, overweight, and very depressed. I regularly see doctors specializing in prescriptions, obsolete BMI charts, and shaming. I went to Jessica in hopes I would find a clinician who cared about my health and seeing the entire picture-and my hopes were not in vain! During my consultation, Jess went over all aspects of my health, and illuminated both hidden problems AND exciting new solutions. Her immense knowledge on the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects of health was so comforting. I now take supplements that she prescribed (after assessing my current prescriptions thoroughly), and I feel like both my pre-COVID energy and appreciation of living is returning. I owe this new spring of my life to Jessica and will continue to go to her for future treatment.” -Courtney M. Rochester, MN

“I have gotten a handful of Jessica’s emailed tarot readings. They are always wonderful to receive. You can tell she puts a lot of time, thought, and energy into her readings. She’s very organized and the readings are straightforward. I’m also subscribed to her Moon Rituals which I LOVE. Again, you can tell the thought she puts into these rituals and I truly feel they’ve brought me a long way on my spiritual practice. I definitely feel more centered, grounded, and at peace after each one.” -Emily Plantz, Rochester, MN

I have really enjoyed Jessica’s Moon Rituals. I had been feeling drawn to the moon’s energy but was feeling stuck in terms of how to translate this feeling into an action. I needed guidance and structure, and just at the right time, along came the offering from Jessica. I like how the rituals are themed around a concept (Protection, Healing, etc). The rituals typically involve some meditation and/or journalling in combination with the use of tangible objects. This has brought me out of my comfort zone and helped me learn how to advance my spiritual practices. It’s also very fun! I can use these moon rituals at any time – – not just at the time they are being delivered. I am also learning tools that I can use so I can create my own rituals. Jessica is also very thoughtful and writes beautifully, so the rituals are not only a joy to do, but they are a joy to read. I highly recommend!” -Paula Nixa, Rochester, MN

“highly recommend! I was facing a difficult situation where I had to make some big decisions. The reading from Jessica was spot on with what I was dealing with. she was excellent with reading the cards and explaining what they meant. literally everything that came through in the cards about what was going to happen with this situation happened. Her reading really helped guide me to make the best decision for myself and also helped prepare me what I would be facing.” -Rachel S., Dodge Center, MN

“Jessica has a ton of knowledge and is able to help with the energetic realms. I am very picky as to who I will work with on this, and she is someone whose work I trust.” -Kady Olson

“Jessica is down to earth, authentic, and awesome. She gives her best in her work and it shows. I highly recommend anyone looking for answers, to ask Jessica. “-Jan Erickson, Minnesota

“I have had the honor to have Jess give me spiritual guidance through out the years. She has always guided me in a way that I understood and felt comfortable. Jess has helped me become more comfortable and competent in my spiritual practice. She gives input on how to strengthen your relationship to your spiritual self and guides. When it comes to the monthly subscriptions, I thoroughly enjoy the work and dedication Jess puts into the monthly offerings. They are well thought out and add a bit of deeper knowledge to your everyday practices. If you ever have questions Jess is more than happy to answer them and give you guidance. Her knowledge and experience is shared among those who subscribe and it is well worth it.” – Dan Thiner, Minnesota

“this was the best reading I have ever done, she was efficient and took the time to understand my situation and the next steps I should take highly recommended”-Jeanne McCaffrey

“The reading I was given was amazing and definitely gave me a lot of hope for my future and what I need to do to get further in my life, for the dream that I wanna live. Thank you so very much. I highly recommend this reader! Will probably make her my go to Tarot Reader in the future!!! Please, if you have any questions at all wondering if she is legit well she really really is!!! So intuitive and gave in depth meanings for what the cards meant. And even sent pictures to what they were. Thank you again and I hope you stay blessed, Miss Jessica”-Katie Richards

“I had the most awesome experience this weekend and I’m still emotionally processing all of it! Jessica Jascha, you are amazing! We will be forever grateful for the messages you shared with us!”– Tiffany May

“I had a reading recently and was reacquainted with a piece of myself I’ve known forever, but have been ignoring for too long. There is a reason why religion is not comforting to me and why my own ability is. I appreciate this confirmation that I can indeed trust myself.” – Kat, Minnesota

Jess was professional and informative, and I received valuable insight that I plan on using to continue to improve myself. I will definitely get another reading!“- Christian, Minnesota

“Jessica is awesome! Her intuition has been spot on and I have learned so much from her!”- Kelly Peterson, Minnesota

“Answer was coherent and pertinent. The deck used was unknown to me but the imagery fit me to so well I asked about it so I could work with it myself. To me, this suggests great intuition. Highly recommend.”– Barbara Gittes

“Jessica embodies compassion, wisdom, and professionalism. She is excellent at her craft and offers a wide array of services to meet her clients where they are.”- Shannon Abbott

“Thank you so much, this was exactly what I needed at this time, and so spot on, I appreciate you!!! Everything was so accurate and precisely what I am going through, and straightforward but elegantly worded to speak directly to my soul and shifted things inside me just reading it. I’ve been feeling uncertainty about some things with it but I feel like that was a big affirm for it.“- Sophia Gold