Email Readings

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All email readings will be completed within 7 business days of purchase, and be delivered to you by email in PDF format. This is a complete written reading with photos of the cards pulled on your behalf included.

Season of the Witch Reading

September/October Only! This seven card reading includes a message from your ancestors, advice on enhancing your magic, reclaiming your power, uncovering your spiritual gifts and talents, banishing and blessing. With a special oracle message of inspiration to guide you through the season.


Six Keys Tarot Reading

Six Card Reading. The keys to unlock greater spiritual growth, authenticity, happiness, abundance & prosperity, fulfilling relationships, and healthfulness.


Mercury Retrograde Reading

3 Card Reading: What to watch out for in your life during the retrograde, how best to navigate the retrograde energy/bumps along the way, and how to make the best of this energy during this transit.


Tarot Forecast

This is a one card reading with advice for what to focus your energy on for the next 30 days.


Healing the Heart Reading

This is an eight card reading that addresses what you need to grieve, advice in processing grief, advice in growing in compassion, love for yourself, love for others, what your relationships need to be balanced, boundaries to work on, and advice on opening up to the wonders of life.


Spiritual Healing Reading

In this eight card reading we will look at what has hindered you on your spiritual path (beliefs, experiences), and how to heal from them, the spiritual discipline that would benefit you best at this time, maintaining bodily connection while exploring spiritual realms, what you need to release, how you can grow in wisdom.