Jessica’s Story

I was born with the ability to see to the heart of matters, to understand intuitively what actions bring what consequences, and with a deep sensitivity to the energy of people, places, and things. I am a messenger. I read energy and patterns, convey messages from Spirit via tarot and channeling, teach and guide as a priestess with rituals, spirit beads, and one on one sessions. As an herbalist, I read your energetic constitution, compassionately take your health history and listen to your experiences before pairing you with herbs and other suggestions to bring you into balanced wellbeing. 

My joy is in connecting to and co-creating with Spirit, recognizing signs and synchronicities, bearing witness to magic and participating in it. I am a witch with much knowledge and experience in solitary craft. I am priestess of the Goddess, ordained via the AMM. I have over 25 years of experience reading tarot, channeling, working with the realm of dreams, and walking with Spirit. I have studied the Bible academically, read many of the mystics, and have devoted my life to learning the language and symbols of Spirit.