Jascha Botanicals Clinical Herbalist Psychic Jessica Jascha

Hello there! I’m Jessica Jascha

I am a plant lover clinical herbalist of the western herbalism tradition. I’ve always been fascinated by the magic of the world and believed that the earth provides us with everything that we need to live in balance with ourselves, our communities and the universe itself. I started out more interested in the spiritual aspect of plants and people and the universe, learning all about the mystical correspondences in nature. I began reading tarot cards when I was nine years old, as well as learning to interpret dreams and read signs in nature. I had no idea that this would all dovetail beautifully with my interest in plant medicine further down the road.

I’ve combined all my areas of expertise to create Jascha Botanicals. I still provide simple email tarot readings through my first business Owl in the Oak Tarot. As a clinical herbalist, my understanding of the body and the many threads of health is grounded in scientific understanding. I do not believe or feel that science is antithetical to the spiritual. In my mind, it all harmonizes, and my approach to your wellness is holistic.

I reside in a small, dynamic town in Minnesota with my husband Chris and our two adorable cats Faye and Piper. I am a writer and I maintain a blog on this website, as well as a blog on Patheos Pagan called Night Owl Meditations, and I write regularly for Witch Way Magazine. I love walks in nature, the show “Schitts Creek,” reading, travel, and playing cribbage.

I welcome people from all walks of life to work with me. 

For information on my formal education, check out the client bill of rights.


I’m an associate member of the American Herbalist Guild, and a member of United Plant Savers.