About Jessica

Hi! I’m Jessica. Being introverted, I hate the introductions where I need to tell you things about myself, but that’s also the whole purpose of the “about” page. So, I’m a witch, an herbalist, a psychic tarot reader, writer, teacher, cat mom, wife, somewhat competent gardener, avid reader, and friend of the fae. I’ve been reading tarot since I was nine years old. I’m an animist and one of the main components of my spiritual and magickal practice is ancestral veneration. As far as deities go, I honor Hekate. I’m an Aries Sun, Libra Moon and Aquarius Rising, which means when you work with me you get straightforward yet balanced nonjudgmental mentorship and sometimes solutions that seem outside of the box. I love reading, especially fiction, and I love the show Schitts Creek.

I reside in Owatonna, Minnesota with my husband Chris and our two adorable cats Faye and Piper. I maintain a blog on this website, as well as a blog on Patheos Pagan called Night Owl Meditations, and I write regularly for Witch Way Magazine.

For information on my formal education, check out the client bill of rights.

Where I’ve Been

Owatonna People’s Press

106.9KROC Tarot Reading

Talking Tarot and Witchcraft on the Faith Talk Show

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I’m an associate member of the American Herbalist Guild, and a member of United Plant Savers.