Tarot for the Week of October 3rd, 2022


This week’s message comes from The Halloween Tarot.

tarot message

The Page of Imps lights our way, guiding us into all kinds of fun and light hearted mischief. He’s here to light a fire under some of us as well, and help us rekindle our passion. Here’s what he has to say:

Get ready! Everything that’s felt stagnant over the past month is about to start moving again this week. Creativity and passion projects see new life breathed into them. There may be some good news arriving this week relating to work or fun, and some of of you may find yourself planning to travel. Share your ideas and inspiration. Engage in activities that feed your heart and encourage joyfulness. Let yourself live generously. Engage the world with all of your senses, and let your heart guide you. Wake up in the morning and set your intentions for the day. What simple things your heart truly wants may surprise you. Listen to your heart! 

October’s Offerings:

This month’s featured tarot reading: “Ancestral Connection.” It’s a seven question reading designed to bring you messages from your ancestors and help you cultivate your relationship with them. This reading is $50 and delivered by email in PDF format within 7-10 days. You can get yours at here.

October’s Moon Rituals are magical. The full moon rituals combines the alchemy of baking with the power of desire to bring more fulfillment into your life. The new moon ritual is designed to strengthen your intuition and bring you answers in your dreams. Sign up here.

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Jessica Jascha is a Clinical Herbalist, Intuitive Consultant and writer in Minnesota. She also writes for Witch Way Magazine. She owns Jascha Botanicals and Owl in the Oak Tarot where she gives readings, teaches ritual, and provides holistic herbal consultations. You can find her on Facebook.

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