Faery Guidance for the Week of August 22, 2022

Faery Guidance Jascha Botanicals

Faery Guidance for the Week of August 22, 2022 comes to us from Luathas the Wild. His is a deeply creative energy, highly charged. He’s perched in a position that shows us he’s ready to spring after what he wants, and his mischievous grin shows us he’s willing to think outside of the box to get it.

Faery Guidance Jascha Botanicals owl in the oak tarot

Message from Faery

Luathas the Wild is here to light a fire under us this week. “Once more, with enthusiasm,” he says. On a heart and soul level, doing things in a rote or monotonous way will be intolerable. He’s come to incite our passion, remind us that life is better when we are excited about things, and encourage us to chase after what we want. 

He doesn’t know the meaning of “slow,” so we need to be careful with this energy he brings into our lives. It’s a fiery, creative energy that helps us make very necessary changes, but it can also burn us out if we aren’t careful. So schedule in some real rest and time to process everything that’s happening. 

There may be fast movement this week. There may be tempers that flare, or a tendency toward irritability. It’s important we find healthy ways to channel excess energy. We should allow ourselves the joy of spontaneity, and keep our mind open to new possibilities. 

“Eat something green, too” he says. I guess some of you are neglecting your vegetables. What you eat affects every aspect of your being, including your energy level. Supporting your body well is crucial to navigating all of life. And though Luatha’s energy can help us get things done, we would still do well to think before we act.

Jessica Jascha is a Clinical Herbalist, Intuitive Consultant and writer in Minnesota. She also writes for Witch Way Magazine. She owns Jascha Botanicals and Owl in the Oak Tarot where she gives readings, teaches ritual, and provides holistic consultations. You can find her on Facebook.

all images mine; pictured is the Faeries Oracle by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth

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