Recipe For Relaxing Foot Bath

We all get stressed out, and we all have a variety of coping mechanisms. How often do you give your feet attention when you’re feeling stressed? A warm foot soak with the right herbs will draw the tension down and out of your body.

For a super relaxing foot bath, you’ll need:

Some kind of basin that your feet will fit in

Very warm water, like just below boiling to fill the basin up

1 oz Lavender 

1 oz Chamomile

1 oz skullcap

1 oz hops

Muslin bag (option, but it keeps the herbs in one spot rather than floating around)

Set the Space

Put on some comfy clothes, make sure any pant legs are rolled up enough. Place the herbs in the basin and make a nice little tea to soak your feet in. Let it infuse for 6-8 minutes minimum.

When the water is a comfortably warm temperature (warmer than lukewarm, not warm enough to boil you) stick your feet in and enjoy. Breathe deep. You’re safe. In this moment, right here and right now, you’re ok.

Optional: A warm towel on the back of your neck too.

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