Guidance for the Week of July 25th, 2022

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the dark lady Jascha Botanicals
The Dark Lady from the Faeries Oracle

This week from the Faeries Oracle, the Dark Lady visits us. Casting her intense gaze upon us, there’s no where to hide. With the power of the third eye emanating out, she sees clearly all that needs to be seen. She is the keeper of secrets and hidden wisdom, the priestess of ritual, the power of the unconscious and of the unknown. She meets us in our grief and teaches us about the depths of our own power. 

Guidance From the Dark Lady

Pay attention to your intuition, see with more than just your eyes. Look beyond the obvious and find understanding. There’s a power within you that’s fueled by the bravery and strength of knowing exactly who you are. Tap into that this week so that you can let go of the people, places, things, circumstances, beliefs, and thoughts that don’t do anything good for you anymore.

Trust in yourself and in your spirit allies, knowing that you are protected. You have the right to change, you don’t have to stay the same to make other people comfortable. There may be some difficult lessons to learn this week, and difficult realities to face. Surrender to the truth, surrender to what is and accept the moments that come for what they are. Be gentle with yourself and take the time that you need, without apology, to process and to heal and to get right with yourself. Own your power. 

Jessica Jascha is a writer, intuitive consultant and clinical herbalist from Minnesota who owns Jascha Botanicals and Owl in the Oak Tarot. She creates rituals for the new moon and the full moon each month to assist you on your path of healing and spiritual growth. You can connect with her on Facebook.

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