Trusting Yourself

I don’t believe in the law of attraction, but I do believe that we co-create our lives with the universe. I do believe that we have a say. We have a say in our choices, in how we will respond to a situation, in how we will look at our lives and our experiences. In what we say and what we do.

Penelope Dreamweaver from the Faeries Oracle

I also believe that we are all given guidance from within. We are often taught to ignore that guidance, and expected to believe other people over ourselves, expected to trust other people over ourselves. We are taught to always look outside of ourselves for what we need. These are hard lessons to unlearn.

Making the choice to listen to and to trust ourselves is the continual first step to creating a life that matches our true hearts. You know when something is right or wrong for you. You feel it. And if you’re like me, sometimes you try to justify the opposite. Sometimes you’ll want to choose the optimism of what could be, despite the signs, and over the glowing ember of truth in your heart.

It’s scary to choose yourself. To say yes and no because that simple guiding light tells you yes or no. To believe that you are complete, not lacking a thing. It’s also exhilarating. It also opens all the right doors for you. It also reinforces your sense of security within yourself. It’s also, very much, worth it.

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