Get your free advent calendar of reflections, visualizations and prayer as we countdown to the return of the Light at Yule. This can be a standalone advent practice, or you can combine it with an advent calendar of your choice. Free PDF download here

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Hand-created in ritual with the gemstone beads that resonate with your energy and your intention, and a charm that represents the spirit who has shown themself as your guide for the intention you chose. Blessed and consecrated.

Before all sessions of any kind, I make an offering to the Goddess on your behalf, prayerfully asking that you receive the information, healing, support, and guidance you need.

Your personal agency is paramount and deeply respected. There are no guaranteed outcomes, but if you desire a specific outcome, we can look at what’s needed to help you get there.

Hearts will be seen. Practical advice will be given. I’m a firm believer in clarity and real-world results, and sessions with me are down to earth and compassionate.

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I’m an associate member of the American Herbalist Guild, and a member of United Plant Savers.


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