The greatest privilege of a human life is to become a midwife to the awakening of the Soul in another person.


If you’d like me to read tarot for a group or event email me at or text me at 507-993-2403

March Class: Learn Tarot Intuitively

Sharpen your intuition, learn how to read the cards intuitively (without the guidebook), formulate good questions for clear readings, build your dictionary of symbolism, set the space energetically for readings, and practice your reading skills.

When & Where: Sunday, March 26th 10AM-noon at my home in Owatonna, MN.

Register Here

Jessica Jascha psychic tarot reader Minnesota tarot readings tarot classes

Had an AMAZING intuitive reading with Jessica last week. She did a beautiful job of carefully listening in order to provide thoughtful insight & guidance. The emailed recap with additional resources was the cherry on top, as Jessica provides a lot of valuable information that could otherwise slip through the cracks with such a profound experience to process. I’d highly recommend reaching out to book a session!

Samantha Erickson- Rochester, MN


Intuitive Consultations

An intuitive consultation is a psychic session. It’s part tarot reading, part channeled message, and can involve a combination of other resources depending upon your needs, guidance from the spirit, and the focus of your session. We all have crossroads moments where we don’t feel sure about which way to go or what to do next, or how to move forward. You’ve got questions, the spirits have answers. The clearer your questions, the clearer the answers. Get the answers, clarity, peace, and confidence you need through an intuitive consultation. A session summary or recording is included. In person or by video chat. Learn more/Book Here

Jessica Jascha psychic tarot reader Minnesota moon rituals new moon full moon spirituality

Moon Rituals

This membership has evolved, as any living practice does. It has become a monthly mini course and guided practice for those drawn to magic, spirit, healing, and intuitive development.

As for what you get, there are now tiers you can choose from based on how involved you want to be:

-Rituals Only

-Journal Prompts and Divination Spreads Only

No matter the tier you choose, you get 10% off of all live services and classes, and access to the Facebook group. Sign up here.

The Hermit’s Lamp

The Hermit’s Lamp is a 7 session mentorship program to help you reach specific goals and aid you in your healing work. 

This program will include shadow work (looking at what motivates you, hinders you, excites you), customized activities and practices to aid in your growth and achievement, education and resources to further support you. At the end of our time together you will have a solid foundational practice and clarity on steps moving forward.  Learn More/Book Here

Jessica jascha psychic tarot reader spiritual mentorship spirituality Minnesota
Jessica Jascha psychic tarot reader herbalist herbal medicine spirituality natural medicine Minnesota

Herbal Medicine Consultations

Holistic healing through plant medicine, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to get to the root cause of your issues, correct energetic imbalances, and help you feel your best. This is a full consultation and includes a personalized wellness plan. In person or by video chat. Learn more/Book Here

Email Readings

Email readings are delivered by PDF format within 7 days of purchase. This is a great choice if all you want is a simple reading. Every month there is a different featured reading as well. Learn more here.

Jessica Jascha psychic tarot reader tarot readings tarot spirituality Minnesota
Jessica Jascha psychic tarot reader tarot readings tarot classes herbalist Minnesota

Every session, every service, every class is about you getting what you need according to Spirit. We all face crossroads. We all face situations that feel murky. We all get out of balance sometimes. We all have healing work to do. The intention is always set for your highest and greatest good, for you to get what you need. There may be hard truths, but there won’t be cruelty. You can expect a down-to-earth experience with actionable advice, and support along the way.

If you’re wondering more about who I am and why I do this work, you can learn more here.


After the height of the Pandemic, I went to Jessica exhausted, overweight, and very depressed. I regularly see doctors specializing in prescriptions, obsolete BMI charts, and shaming. I went to Jessica in hopes I would find a clinician who cared about my health and seeing the entire picture-and my hopes were not in vain! During my consultation, Jess went over all aspects of my health, and illuminated both hidden problems AND exciting new solutions. Her immense knowledge on the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects of health was so comforting. I now take supplements that she prescribed (after assessing my current prescriptions thoroughly), and I feel like both my pre-COVID energy and appreciation of living is returning. I owe this new spring of my life to Jessica and will continue to go to her for future treatment.

Courtney M. – Rochester, MN

“I have gotten a handful of Jessica’s emailed tarot readings. They are always wonderful to receive. You can tell she puts a lot of time, thought, and energy into her readings. She’s very organized and the readings are straightforward. I’m also subscribed to her Moon Rituals which I LOVE. Again, you can tell the thought she puts into these rituals and I truly feel they’ve brought me a long way on my spiritual practice. I definitely feel more centered, grounded, and at peace after each one.”

Emily Plantz- Rochester, MN

I have really enjoyed Jessica’s Moon Rituals. I had been feeling drawn to the moon’s energy but was feeling stuck in terms of how to translate this feeling into an action. I needed guidance and structure, and just at the right time, along came the offering from Jessica. I like how the rituals are themed around a concept (Protection, Healing, etc). The rituals typically involve some meditation and/or journalling in combination with the use of tangible objects. This has brought me out of my comfort zone and helped me learn how to advance my spiritual practices. It’s also very fun! I can use these moon rituals at any time – – not just at the time they are being delivered. I am also learning tools that I can use so I can create my own rituals. Jessica is also very thoughtful and writes beautifully, so the rituals are not only a joy to do, but they are a joy to read. I highly recommend!

Paula Nixa- Rochester, MN

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