The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.



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Jessica Jascha: Clinical Herbalist & Intuitive Consultant

The plants have so much to teach us, if we are willing to listen, and so many gifts to share, if we are willing to receive.  

I’m here to connect with you and hold space for you, meeting you where you’re at with compassion. I look at patterns of imbalance within the context who you are as a person, and I work to help you understand how to correct these imbalances while giving you the tools you need to do so, and providing you with support.

My approach to your wellness is holistic. With a thorough initial intake I look at diet, lifestyle, sleep, exercise, your emotional wellbeing, and more in determining the best solutions for you that will fit with your life. It’s my goal to see you empowered to take control of your wellness, and for your quality of life to be enhanced and improved.


The Moon Ritual Subscription is a way for you to cultivate time for and connection with yourself and with the earth in order to bring a deeper awareness of your own healing, your own power, your own inner voice.

Jascha Botanicals moon scubscription
Connect with The Sacred

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